After we established the under floor heating, we are now busy with making the concrete floor.

concrete floor   Recently updated !

We are busy with establishing the underfloor heating. It is quite easy to establish. We can help you with the planning. The system is very economical either.

establishing the underfloor heating   Recently updated !

Our sustainable house has a compost toilette. A great decision. It is not smelly at all, and saving a lot of dirt water. For the rest of the dirt water, we need to establish sewage. As you can see on the picture, our earth is really full of clay. To […]

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DSC_0003 8
A round window is a strong design element fora house. Since it is also very expensive, we bought this one on ebay. Now we painted it and finally installed it. The frame for the window was made with a laser cutter.

round window   Recently updated !

Finally we are busy with installing the windows and the roof. For the roof we have chosen EPDM, which is a synthetic produced rubber. It is long lasting and can easily take a grass roof, which is our goal in the near future.

installing the windows and the roof   Recently updated !

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The second day of building up the log house. It is very easy and a lot of fun of building a log house. We can help you building your house and you save the money for construction workers.

finishing the raw house within two days   Recently updated !